Show In A Week – The X-Factory!

This summer we were delighted to host some of our students, and some new faces, for our first ever ‘show in a week’. This year we decided to do ‘The X-Factory’, a show about a school that is inspected and found to be only average! Thus Simon Trowell and his team of celebrity TV talent show judges are brought in to try and improve the school, but alas they have designs on turning the school into an ‘X Factory’ for stars of the future, who they can exploit for easy money! But the students get their own way by sabotaging the judges and taking back the school for themselves, impressing the inspectors in the process.

I think it is safe to say that there were a room full of nervous faces on day one, with everyone needing to learn a lot of new songs and lines. But everyone jumped in with both feet and by the middle of the week everything was in full swing and some were even daring to put their scripts aside. By the end of the week their hard work and efforts had paid off and parents joined us on Friday afternoon to enjoy the nearly hour long show, replete with full ensemble songs, solos (including ballads and raps) and a lot of really top notch acting.

We had a wonderful week of fun, laughter, games, acting and singing exercises and lots of very talented children performing really well. We look forward to next summer when we will be doing another show in a week!

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