Street dance

Street dance is a new, fun and creative way for dancers to expressive themselves. Street dance is different from other styles such as modern as you focus on moving and isolating body parts one at a time. The style is also built around letting lose and having fun which makes it such a suitable style for all ages.


We have had great success in the past with entering students into the British Arts competition. This is an annual competition where students can put together performances across a number of different genres, competing initially regionally but if successful could reach the national finals which are held in London.

Our own Principal, Miss Natasha, is a past winner of the British Arts in 1993, in the genre of ballet.

British Arts

Our Street Dance lessons are taught to the British Arts syllabus and, for those who wish, we also enter the British Arts Awards for both performing arts and dance every year.


If you are interested in your child starting Street Dance lessons with us then please get in touch and we would be delighted to arrange a free taster session for them.

Please note that we do not take walk-ins at any of our classes. If you’re interested in you or your child attending a class please contact us to arrange a taster session or to enrol.