The Show Must Go On - Day 3

Wednesday is always an exciting day. The kids have become firm friends, the performances are taking shape and the energy is up. Today was no exception.

After our usual warm up activities the girls focussed on finalising their scripts for the first part of the video – because in the afternoon we were filming them. No pressure!

After break it was on to creating some signs that will feature in a different part of our film. All will be revealed in good time – still no spoilers – but what is being created is both moving and inspiring.

Lunchtime seems to roll around very quickly and today was no exception. And so we took advantage of the good weather again to keep the girls outside whilst one at a time they came into our makeshift studio to start filming the first parts of our short film. Everything went well, without too many out-takes, and we are really proud of what has been done so far!

Mime time

After a hard but very enjoyable, energetic and rewarding day, we finished the day again with some more games. This included the favourite – the mime game. Each group briefly acts out three scenes from a film or television and the other groups have to guess what it is. Even the teachers took part!

Can you guess what they were?


  1. Alice In Wonderland
  2. How To Train Your Dragon
  3. Toy Story 2